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  • 3X Pouch

    3X Pouch...

    Groceries, meat, gym socks, heavies, call them what you want but now you don’t have to leave the big stuff at home ever again. The 3X is our biggest pouch yet and will hold more than you can imagine and remain comfortable all day. It’s is designed to fit across the outside of the Switch Bag and also be a comfortable foundational part of our Switch Belt. It is zippered all the way around on three sides to allow for complete access to all you gear with a flip down front. The inside has four divider pockets to keep you …

  • Digi Pouch

    Digi Pouch...

    Constructed of heavy duty  welded 18 oz vinyl the Digi Pouch is a first of it’s kind roll top dry bag that attaches to MOLLE webbing. Working with a top USA based Dry bag manufacturer we developed a unique way incorporate our MOLLE webs onto a welded patch in the back of the bag, leaving it water tight. That means that this little ditty will attach to anything and everything without re-stringing your webs. It also attaches to all of our backbones like the Switch Belt or Switch Bag or any other MOLLE webbed thing out there, and there’s a …

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Where to Buy SmithFly Stuff:

Jones Fly Company
1006 Fatherland St., Suite 104
Nashville, Tennessee 37206
(615) 815-5589








The Deleware River Club
1228 Winterdale Road Starlight,
PA 18461



Fox Creek Store
26573 Hwy 17
Antonito, CO


Gates Au Sable Lodge
471 Stephan Bridge Road
Grayling, MI 49738


Trout’s Fly Fishing
1303 E. 6th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218
Phone: 303-733-1434
Toll Free: 877-464-0034


If you have a fly shop, large or small, SmithFly is an important part of your assortment. While e we aren’t the cheapest, and we probably aren’t the prettiest, we are the only ones making packs and bags in the USA at a scale that is competitive with the big brands who use overseas manufacturers. When a customer comes into your shop and says they prefer to buy American Made products, SmithFly is the answer. And you ned to be ready to direct them to our products and they only way to do it is to have them on the shelf.

Please contact us about becoming a dealer, we would love to have you on board.


SmithFly Designs
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