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  • 3X Pouch

    3X Pouch...

    Groceries, meat, gym socks, heavies, call them what you want but now you don’t have to leave the big stuff at home ever again. The 3X is our biggest pouch yet and will hold more than you can imagine and remain comfortable all day. It’s is designed to fit across the outside of the Switch Bag and also be a comfortable foundational part of our Switch Belt. It is zippered all the way around on three sides to allow for complete access to all you gear with a flip down front. The inside has four divider pockets to keep you …

  • Digi Pouch

    Digi Pouch...

    Constructed of heavy duty  welded 18 oz vinyl the Digi Pouch is a first of it’s kind roll top dry bag that attaches to MOLLE webbing. Working with a top USA based Dry bag manufacturer we developed a unique way incorporate our MOLLE webs onto a welded patch in the back of the bag, leaving it water tight. That means that this little ditty will attach to anything and everything without re-stringing your webs. It also attaches to all of our backbones like the Switch Belt or Switch Bag or any other MOLLE webbed thing out there, and there’s a …

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Switch Kit

Today, we fish for many different kinds of fish in many different places and widely varying conditions. One day we wade. The next day we float. The next day we hike deep into the backcountry. All of these situations require different gear configurations.


With the Switch Vest you no longer need to decide, between a vest, a waist pack, or a bag. All our pouches work with all those designs.


With our Switch Kit you can have all of these backbones and not have to worry about re-sorting all your gear every time you go out to fish in different conditions or in a different way.  We designed a system that you can arrange and re-arrange yourself. Our products are all about you making the vest you want, and then being able to change it up easily without having to worry if you left that critical piece of tackle at home on the coffee table.


The system can also grow and change with you, as your tastes and tactics change. If you want to start out with a vest that has one pocket, right on. If you want to load it up and pile on every pocket and component we make onto one vest, that’s cool too.
The Switch Kit is a simple idea to have a set of pockets that you can rearrange and recompile based on the conditions and or species being pursued. We’ve been putting this concept through it’s paces for a while now, and what we’ve discovered is that we can have pockets geared towards specific species and conditions. So one our 1X small stream trout pouch has our light tippets, trout leaders and a dry fly box, and floatant, while our 2X nymphing pouch may have fluorocarbon tippets indicators, split shot etc. Sometimes we use those all by themselves on a 2″ wide wading belt, nothing else.

Most products on the market today are designed in the ivory towered design studio, and the result is usually the perfect compromise, the perfect middle of the road, acceptable to all but perfect for none, and so crammed full of features that you’re not sure which ones to use. Our products allow you to create the vest bag or waist pouch that you want and then switch it out later to something different, when your tastes or tactics change and they will.

Best of all, like all SmithFly Designs products, the switch kit is 100% Made in the USA.

El Poquito

Shown with curly cord retractor.


El Poquito holds a pair of hemos and a retractor (either curly or mechanical – your choice) – that’s it. Now you don’t have to worry about what pack or what vest or what shirt you are wearing, because El Poquito goes anywhere.

The magnetic clasp on the back holds tight to anything, over the top of waders, over your waist band, belt, shirt pocket, beach bag, and is also compatible with the SmithFly Switch Kit system. El Poquito frees you up from wearing a vest and keeps those essential tools close at hand without all the bulk. Anglers can choose from either a curly cord retractor or a mechanical retractor which can be easily swapped out at a later date if for some reason they change their mind, which we all do.

Even better, 100% of El Poqtuio is Made in the USA.

The magnetic clasp on the back.

Shown with USA made mechnical zinger/retractor. (Hemos not included)


1X Pouch

The 1X pouch is big enough to carry a serious fly box or two and all the assorted stuff you might need like tippet spools leaders, indicators etc. We recommend using it on the top chest portion of the vest. It has one attachment grommet under each flap on each side so you can attach one or two of our retractors to hold hemos, nippers or a Cadillac hood ornament if you want.  It has two pockets inside and two pockets outside under the flap.  The outside flap features slick magnetic closures, so no more fumbling with snaps, or velcro that gets old and funky. For the complete minimalists the 1x can worn by itself on a belt too, simple right?

Overall size = 5″ x 7″


2X Pouch

The 2x pouch is big enough for most big boxes, and built fit the bottom portion of our Switch Vest, it has one attachment grommet under each flap on each side so you can attach either of our retractors (coiled or mechanical) to hold hemos, nippers, Night Vision Goggles, or bear spray, normal stuff. It has four pockets inside and four pockets outside.The outside pockets feature slick magnetic closures. For the complete minimalists the 2x can also worn by itself on a belt too.


Boat Bag

The SmithFly Boat Bag is designed to make SmithFly pouches easily accessible in a boat by attaching them to a bag. So now you don’t have to wrestle or wear your vest when you’re on a float trip. The boat bag has a rubberized bottom and a zippered internal pocket for all kinds of stuff. Keeping all your terminal tackle and fly boxes organized on the outside in your pouches allows you to keep bigger bugger boxes, your lunch, cameras, phones, blow-up dolls, pie, whatever, on the inside. Even better, you no longer have to worry about moving stuff from your vest to a bag when you float a river, just strap your pouches on, and go.

Switch Belt

The SmithFly Switch Belt allows you to take the pouches from a vest and attach them to a waist belt, duh. So when you want to flog the water of a farm pond on a hot August day you don’t need to sweat bullets underneath a hot vest. And we know that it doesn’t matter what kind of crazy technical 3-D breathable mumbo jumbo you sew to the inside of that vest, it’s going to be hot and there is no way around it. So in the summer, around the bucket-mouth farm tanks we ditch the vest and go to the waist belt, and yes the belt is actually lined with cooling 3-D mesh. So with the Switch Belt you take the pouches from your vest and Switch them out to the belt. All your hemos, nippers, tippets, boxes, leaders, indicators, hot wheels, arm garters, and engraved flasks stay in your pouches and become available on a belt, Woo hoo, finally!

Switch Vest

The Switch Vest is the backbone for our pouch system and is the easiest way to carry all your gear and keep it up out of the water when wading deep. Built from rugged abrasion resistant USA Cordura nylon and lined with heavy duty breathable mesh fabric, not that flimsy bathing suit mesh liner the other guys use, it’s built to last a lifetime and carry a lifetime’s worth of gear organized and ready to use. It’s rugged simplicity and infinite reconfigurability make it a must for the angler who pursues all types of tail.

What makes the Switch Vest special?
• It’s reconfigurable
• Easy to change
• You’re not locked into one set-up
• Super Heavy Duty YKK zippers
• D-ring attachment point at back neckline
• Three full zippered pockets on the inside front and back
• Key lanyard in inside front pocket
• Full width game bag style back pouch for jacket lunch etc.
• Covered in 1? military spec nylon webbing ladders for infinite configurations
• Hydration bladder pouch with hook and loop tube stays

Top Ten signs a Switch Vest is for you:
1. If you ‘ve ever worn out a vest and wished they were built to last and/or
2. If you wish more stuff was Made in the USA
3. If you find yourself holding your pack/waist belt over your head to keep it dry
4. If you’ve ever wondered what some the “features” on your current vest are
5. If  you hate to wear your vest in a boat
6. If you’ve ever said, “shit! I left that [insert critical piece of terminal tackle here] on the coffee table”
7. If you’ve ever said, “shit! I hate sorting through all this before I head out”
8. If you fish for more than one kind of fish or with more than one tactic
9.  If you just want to look totally bad ass!


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