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Big Shoals raft on the International market with Killer Loop Fly Fishing

We are excited to announce we have our first international distribution partner for the Big Shoals Raft. You can now purchase a Big Shoals Raft through Killer Loop Fly fishing's website for delivery around the globe. Killer Loop is based in the UK and offers a great variety of top notch gear and trips for international travelers.  We look forward to seeing our boats on some waters around the world.

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Getting called up to the Big leagues, SmithFly now available on

So if ever there is an entrepreneurial equivalent to getting called up to the big leagues it's having your stuff picked up by a Big Box store like Cabela's. It's pretty much what every small time bush league start up guy like me dreams of. This week, after months of hard work and digital connecting of back end compliance whctchy-ma-doodles SmithFly modular soft goods for fly fisherman started going live on the Cabela's website. Over the next couple days the complete line of soft gear will be available there, shipping directly from SmithFly World HQ. Three years ago, I would have been beside myself with enthusiasm for this monumental day. But right now, given the myriad other fires I have going on...

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2017 MLK Jr Day - A day of reflection

Today we remember the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. At my current age of 38, it's hard for me to fathom the impact he had on the world as one person with only 39 years of his own existence. Think about that, he was only 39 years old. We should all begin acting like we can change the world at a much earlier age."Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase" My favorite quote from Dr Martin Luther King Jr. is the one above about faith. It was this quote repeated in my mind, that nudged me towards starting this venture and helps me take leaps of faith every day. Take that first...

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SmithFly HQ basement plays staring role in a new music video by JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights

JT Woodruff, lead singer of the band Hawthorne Heights is about to embark on a solo tour to support his new solo album "Lonesome" due out on 1/27/17. You can pre-order your copy at this link - a look at the video below and enjoy the creepy basement of SmithFly Headquarters!  We plan on using the basement space for more photography work in partnership with Tall James from  and maybe even some small social gatherings to celebrate the grand opening of the new shop space, eventually.  The history of the space is interesting. For most of it's life the building belonged to the Hobart family who at turn of the century allegedly owned a number of farms around the city of Troy and used...

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Scofield's A Go-Go: One of the greatest genre benders in the history of music.

One of my new year's resolutions is to actually make good on my commitment to original content in this space, The Study Blog. In the hustle and flow of business activity and just trying to stay ahead of the jackals this blog endeavor has been sadly lacking in content. That shall change 2017. And I shall steer away from nagging complaints about the way other people do business, and focus on the beauty I see in the world and the things that inspire me and make the world a better place through art music literature and of course fishing. Today, I needed a blast from the past. An uplifting, keep on keeping on, groove for focus and getting shit done. I needed...

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